Smart-IOS presents

Rock the Puzzle 2

Addicting Puzzle for iPhone & iPad

Fill out the middle square by moving the blocks into the correct position.

  • Full iPhone 5 & iOS 6 Support
  • Various Game Modes
  • Different Game Difficulties
  • Multiplayer via WLAN & Bluetooth
  • iCloud Synchronization between Devices
  • GameCenter Support
  • Levelcreator and Difficulty Ranking
  • Hints available
  • Video

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  • Bjoeb1
    Dangerously addictive.
    Great stuff,
    and the random online puzzles
    keep you entertained
  • Lils G
    Excellent game,
    me my brother and mum
    are all playing it!!!!!
  • Bailey'sMum
    Very good app,
    quite addictive and a good way
    to while away some time.
  • Nancyb103
    This game is fun,
    challenging and addicting!
    I find it hard to put down.
    Stays challenging and
    never boring.
  • Andrewsd83
    Simple premise,
    enjoyable time-waster.
  • Cahrmm
    Great game.
    I didn't know how stupid I was!
    Love it